To start with DP Trading System

First, go to the ST’s blog called Nifty Nirvana, who has devised the system. Here is the link:

There, go to the bottom of the page and find category called ‘Download Ebooks’.  Download the  Ebook called ‘Decision Points’. Go through it.

Then at the same location find category called ‘Important Posts’. He has written a lot of articles to explain the system so that other traders could benefit,  which are collected in ‘Structure and Patterns’ and ‘Rant and Raves’. Go through those. Now you probably have looked at the Ebooks with the same names. The E books are great with the view that they collect all the posts in single PDF but they are missing out on traders comments. It is the traders discussion which is one of the most important aspect of learning DP system. So read every article and comments where ST would clear the doubts other traders have.

Then move on to the charts and comments. Here also comments are extremely important. There are ample of these charts to learn from.

Now time for some action. By now you probably have your plan ready with the rules and all. Wouldn’t it be great if you can check your trades with someone who is successfully trading the system? Well, you are in luck. Here are some links for blogs of successful traders who are kind enough to share their charts and also answer questions if you have any.

Visit their blogs. Go through the things they have shared.  Learn from the experts. With all the information above one can learn really fast. Don’t forget, ‘really fast’ is a little slow in trading! There is no substitute for screen time. The first goal is to understand how market structure is defined and traded using DP System and how discretion is important which will gradually add confidence in your understanding and eventually help you move to trade multiple lots. All in due time!